Events at Coastal Coffeehouse

Events added to our calendar at Coastal Coffeehouse

  • Opening announcement for Coastal Coffeehouse in Delray Beach!
  • Join us for a pre-launch tour of our venue before construction begins.
  • Crowdfunding a coffeehouse fundraisers and events for new members.
  • Membership drives to create awareness of a coffeehouse and coworking space.
  • Friends and family nights to share our space before we open.
  • Soft launch of our coffeehouse to the public.
  • Doors open to public with a limited announcement.
  • Grand opening of our coffeehouse and coworking space.
  • Meetups begin to form the calendar of future events.
  • Holiday parties are planned and committees are formed.
  • Startup launch parties begin to fill the calendar.

Join us in Delray Beach for events added to our calendar at Coastal Coffeehouse! Meetups to Hack-a-Thons we have the social experience your are looking for!